Ashtanga yoga at London Pilates Studio in Chiswick

Ashtanga Yoga taught by Hannah    ..

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"London Pilates Studio gave me my body back"

"I always used to be quite fit. I was a runner and a fan of Pilates. I had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and my Consultant advised me to lay off the stomach exercises so as not to disrupt the IVF. So I stopped doing Pilates for a couple of years.  ..

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"I have not needed my osteopath since finding London Pilates Studio"

“I discovered Vanessa Pearce and London Pilates Studio soon after it opened and immediately loved it. That was about three years ago. The classes are small and the space is clean and light. It is also more affordable than other Pilates classes, which is appealing.  ..

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Testimonial: "My physio hardly knows me these days"

"Taking up Pilates at London Pilates Studio was easily the best fitness decision I've made in the last five years.   ..

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Happy Mother's Day Pilates package

Mothers are always there for us. We should tell them regularly how much we appreciate them but most of the time we don’t get around to it. This Mother’s Day, Sunday March 15th, is the perfect time to say thank you. However, here’s what NOT to give your mum on Mother's Day:

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How is your New Year fitness regime going?

This is the time of year where many of us commit to getting fitter and trimmer, which usually involves joining a gym. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t make a move before reading on.   ..

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Timetable Jan - Feb 2015

Class Timetable Monday to Saturday.    ..

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New Pilates instructors at London Pilates Studio

Trevor England   ..

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New class: Physiolates on the Reformer

Physiolates on the Reformer taught by Maggie   ..

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London Pilates Studio Autumn Timetable

Find out more:

ZEN•GA™ | Barre Workout | Reformer & Stability Chair | Physiolates | Reformer & Cardio Tramp   ..

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Chiswick's cutting-edge Pilates studio is expanding

Exciting new classes for Autumn 2014  ..

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New Pilates Reformer workout taught by Bryony

New Reformer class taught by Bryony.  ..

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All About Spines Forum

Back pain and back injuries have reached epidemic proportions so I was delighted to be asked to join Colin Natali's select group of medical professionals for the recent All About Spines Forum held at The Lister Hospital. This event gave fellow professionals the chance to learn, network and exchange information.  ..

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Target stubborn cellulite with Pilates

Women of all shapes and ages can fall prey to those pesky bumps.  ..

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Physiolates comes to Chiswick

NB Spring 2015 - 
Jenny is currently on maternity leave.   ..

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Up to 50% off Pilates products

Check out London Pilates Studio's range of equipment, DVDs and education for pros as well as students. SPECIAL OFFER! Save up to half price on Pilates equipment. Shop now ..

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Top tips for men to get rid of the beer belly

A paunch, however small, indicates high visceral fat levels. This leads to increased fat in the bloodstream, which leads to common diseases such as diabetes. The way to get your mojo (and your physique) back is to lose that extra weight you’re carrying.   ..

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30% discount on Pilates

We all know that fresh, nutritious and tasty food is key to feeling energised for work, rest and play. This is why London Pilates Studio and Le Vacherin, Chiswick have teamed up to give each restaurant diner a very special offer.   ..

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SALE 30% off Pepper and Mayne Pilates clothing

SALE of all Pepper & Mayne Pilates workout wear.  ..

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Opening Times

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8.00am - 12.00pm, 2.00pm - 6.00pm.

Tuesday: 7.45am - 8.45am, 3.00pm - 6.00pm.

Thursday: 7.45am - 8.30am, 2.00pm - 6.00pm.

Saturday: 8.00am - 12.00pm

Sunday: Closed

Tel: 07768 778635