Fitness and health is the best gift

The perfect present for someone you care about. A Gift Voucher from Chiswick's respected Pilates instructor, Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio. Give relief from back pain, rehabilitation after injury or ease workplace stress. Help someone train for a specific sport, lose weight or simply give them back their ooooomph!   ..

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Train-the-trainer Pilates in Chiswick

Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio is teaching newly trained STOTT Pilates teacher Claudia Jones. The aim is to help Claudia consolidate everything she has learnt and build up her confidence to enable her to qualify as a certified STOTT Pilates instructor.   ..

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Train to be a Pilates teacher in Chiswick

Learn from the best - Vanessa Pearce, lead instructor at London Pilates Studio.  ..

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Relief from back pain at London Pilates Studio

After years of putting up with lower back pain David Hore discovered Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio.   ..

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Pilates man of steel completes UK Ironman

Congratulations to London Pilates Studio client Ricky Davis, who has completed the 9th annual Ironman UK triathlon in 12 hours and 3 minutes.  Ricky interspersed his training - cycling, running and swimming – with workouts from Vanessa Pearce, to help him remain injury free.   ..

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Top tips for all new mums

Kate Middleton is an inspiration to new mothers everywhere what with putting her mummy tummy on display and giving her post-baby body time to recover. The Duchess of Cambridge apparently continued Pilates and Yoga throughout her pregnancy. Now that she has given birth to the new Prince, how will she still find the time to fit her workouts around motherhood.   ..

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Pilates for triathlon athletes

Chiropractor Ricky Davis, is doing well in his mission to get his fitness level up for the Iron Man UK Triathlon, in which he will be competing in August. Ricky spends many hours cycling, running and swimming each week and is progressing well. In order to remain injury-free throughout his preparation, Ricky incorporates a one-on-one Pilates session at London Pilates Studio with Vanessa Pearce. We wish him all the best in his quest!  ..

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Slideshow: Why London Pilates Studio?

Pilates changes the body from the inside out. Here's why London Pilates Studio is the best place to learn or improve. Here's how to get your mojo back!  ..

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Iron Man is Pilates fan

Ricky Davis is training for the Iron Man UK Triathlon which this year will be held in Bolton on Aug 4th. The competition consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile cycle and a marathon (26 miles) to finish. The race is run in this order without a break.   ..

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New Pilates clothes collection comes to Chiswick

London Pilates Studio has secured the debut workout wear collection by box-new brand Pepper & Mayne. The AW13-14 collection has launched and goes on sale from September 2013. The 15 key items in the capsule collection have a ‘pull on and go’ appeal - perfect for busy Pilates fans!  ..

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Pilates to reduce stress

According to new research from the University of California, Berkeley, a little stress may not be all bad. While chronic stress may be harmful, acute (short-term) stress may boost our cognitive function. The key is in knowing when we’re too strung out for our own good.   ..

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Ask the expert


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How technology is harming your posture at work

A new study has found that mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops have transformed the way work and the way we sit whilst we’re working. These new ways of working have the potential to cause pain and discomfort. The study of 2,000 people in 11 countries, conducted by office-furniture maker Steelcase, unearthed nine new postures that people adopt when interacting with technology. The research shows how the body responds as workers shift from one device to another.   ..

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Pilates news, top tips and celebrity fans

Whether you’re a beginner, improver or experienced fitness fan you’ll find lots of top tips, news and celebrity updates in London Pilates Studio newsletter. Top stories include:   ..

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Pilates for men

SPIlates for men at London Pilates Studioometimes men think of Pilates as a ‘girlie workout’. This attitude vanishes once you try it out for yourself and see how challenging it is. It was after all, invented by a man - Joseph Pilates.  ..

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Pilates for foodies

Chef Malcolm John & Vanessa PearceEverybody knows that a balance of good food and regular exercise is a recipe for success when it comes to your health and happiness.   ..

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SPECIAL OFFER - discount for 'Le Vacherin' diners

It’s not too late to keep that ‘get fit’ New Year’s resolution. But forget gimmicky diets with empty promises or the latest fitness fads. For a healthy, trimmer body, you need good nutrition that builds muscle, not fat. Which is why we have teamed up with Chiswick’s favourite Chef Malcolm John of Le Vacherin to offer diners at his restaurant a 15% discount on a one-to-one Pilates session with Vanessa Pearce.  ..

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Pilates for skiers

Operations manager, Henrietta Dales, was recommended to come to London Pilates Studio by a friend: " It’s a lovely way to catch up with each other and relax together. She is more advanced than me so we chose a small class where Vanessa caters to everyone’s different abilities.   ..

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Pilates and yoga adventure in Morocco, Taghazout

My special teacher Brigitte Wren of Bamboo Fitness is offering an inspirational retreat in a beautiful setting. This revitalising adventure is set in the beautiful Villa Mandala in Taghazout, Morocco. Beach fitness, stylish accommodation, delicious food, and Yoga and Pilates classes in the stunning roof top studio overlooking the ocean.  ..

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Get your Pilates fix at London Pilates Studio

Our springs are secured, our wheels are aligned and our tracks are tested. Are we offering mechanised Pilates? Have we expanded into motor racing? No! We have simply had all our STOTT Pilates equipment serviced and it’s now running even more majestically than normal. Many thanks to Nick Cunningham of PilatesFix for all the attention lavished on our Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair.    ..

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