Gift Vouchers - London Pilates Studio

Stuck for what to buy the man who has everything? Need a fail-safe idea for the special woman in your life? Here is the ideal solution. Treat someone special to build strength, tone muscles or regain their shape. Help them in sports preparation or injury rehabilitation. Workout gifts will be with certified Stott Pilates instructor Vanessa Pearce in her relaxed, state-of-the-art Chiswick studio.   ..

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Relief for Chiswick's back pain sufferers

I am offering a unique back care programme in conjunction with physiotherapist Alan Watson of BiMAL Medical. We work together to diagnose your back problem and then I teach rehab Pilates. I also teach Pilates for those wanting to keep fit, train for a specific sport, lose weight, tone up, or improve their core strength and overall stamina.   ..

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Exercise replaces surgery after a fall

About three years ago retired art teacher Janet Abis had a fall, got concussion and broke a vertebra. Her eleventh thoracic vertebra is missing. She was advised to have a metal plate in her back and was put on a waiting list for an operation: "I have osteoporosis so falls are bad for me as it’s easier for me to crack a bone.   ..

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What to eat before, during and after your Pilates workout

Pilates dietGetting a great workout goes beyond the number of reps you do or the miles you log on the treadmill (though that does help too). It is all about finding the right balance.    ..

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Discover Your Inner Olympian in Chiswick

Let the Olympics inspire you to take up Pilates to improve both your body and mind, and perhaps even try out a new sport, as London takes centre stage this summer for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Working out on the STOTT Reformer at London Pilates Studio  ..

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Pilates for celebs, rehab and SUI

Read the latest London Pilates Studio newsletter for information about new local classes and interesting nuggets about health, wellbeing and celebrity fans of Pilates. Top stories:  ..

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Real men do Pilates

I just thought I’d share an article about my new men-only Pilates class.   ..

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New classes at London Pilates Studio

New Pilates classes starting at London Pilates Studio, W4.  ..

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Omni-wheel is a great new workout accessory

I just thought I’d share this fantastic new idea with you. It’s not yet available but I’m on the case and will be getting hold of some as soon as I can. It’s called the Torq-King omni-wheel and it is a nifty little piece of kit that allows functional movement around a 360° range of motion and gives a full body strength and aerobic workout.  ..

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London Pilates Studio newsletter

Hi there Pilates lovers!  Here is he latest edition of my newsletter to keep you up to date with what is happening on planet Pilates:   ..

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Hello Pilates Lovers!

Here are some top tips and interesting features in my latest Pilates newsletter ..

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Chiswick physiotherapist Alan Watson helps keep Nic Hamilton on the race track

Chiswick-based physiotherapist Alan Watson has helped Nic Hamilton to achieve his dream and features in a new BBC documentary: Racing with the Hamiltons: Nic in the Driving Seat.  ..

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Where does the fat end up?

Michael Mosley (right) presents new research about exercise that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives: ” I know I should do more exercise but I don’t particularly enjoy it, I begrudge the time and I never seem to make much progress. But this new approach has altered my life and it might just alter yours too.”  ..

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Hello Pilates fans!

I thought I’d share some interesting online articles with all you Pilates fans. I’ll be weeding out the digital junk to get to the interesting nuggets so you can find out what’s happening on planet Pilates. Latest additions to my newsletter ..

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Vanessa Pearce of London Pilates Studio instructs premiership footballer

Richard Barriolhet, reserve striker for Fulham FC, recently visited my Chiswick studio to work out on the latest STOTT Pilates equipment.  ..

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What is STOTT Pilates?

You may already be familiar with Pilates. But you may not be so familiar with STOTT Pilates. So what’s it all about?  ..

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London Pilates Studio Video: Rebound class

Tonight’s episode of Channel 4′s The Fat Fighters is the last of a five-part series that goes behind the scenes to follow four personal trainers.  ..

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Oooh… look who is in House magazine

Very excited to be included in Soho House Group magazine ‘House’.   ..

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Lorraine Kelly on Pippa’s Pilates derrière

Every morning this week on ITV’s Lorraine show, you can find out how to get the perfect Pilates bum in the comfort of your own home.  ..

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